Stamp Sangsuk-iam

Stamp Sangsuk-iam

︎︎︎ Life Music

Spending most of my time at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, I started to hear and  see my family relationship through sounds and interactions from my domestic life. My current practice, Life Music, turned simple everyday objects in the house into sound objects which communicate the story of family relationships. It includes Family Tea Cups, Fly Me To The Moon Necklace and Key Tray.
‘Everything around us is like an instrument, our interaction controls rhythm and tune and  it’s all composed together by our living. Sound in our daily life has unique characteristics  which intuitively tells a story of its own.’

Family Tea Cups

Melody of our living moment

Family Tea Cups represents the relationship between family members. Each cup is like a family member which has their own voice, their own life, their own interest. But in the end, we all resonate together as a chord, as a family.

For the note of each cup, I selected notes that can combine into 4 different chords  which represent different emotions, Major – happy, Minor – sad: a Seventh chord is love and a Diminished  chord is a shock. We go through different situations and emotions as a family. Today might be a celebratory tea time, tomorrow might be a serious one.

How are you feeling today?
Pick the cups that suit your mood

Fly Me To The Moon Necklace

Fly Me To The Moon Necklace represents bonds through generation. When the necklace is put down, it creates the ‘Fly me to the Moon’ melody: a classic song that has been enjoyed in different ways by every generation. It is a song that all Stamp’s family, over different generations, are fond of. It represents a bond, knowledge, a way of living that has been played over and over again in different generations.
The version of the song that’s been played depends on the person putting it down, it can be quick or slow, loud or quiet.

3 generations of fly me to the moon

Key Tray

Key Tray represents the relationship between family and space. A house wouldn’t feel like home without family members. Key Tray behaves like a bell which resonates when placing a key down. It is almost like a bell communicating the appearance and absence of family members, changing the feeling in the space.
I hope after hearing and seeing her work today is that it will change your listening experience, at least a bit, because there are so many beautiful sounds around us that we ignore.