Stamp Sangsuk-iam

Stamp Sangsuk-iam

︎︎︎ Happies
Nature Collection

selected as 15 best product design, Degree show 2018

exhibited at Innovation design zone, Bangkok gems and jewellery fair 2018 and 2019 and Bangkok Design Week ID Chula show case 2019


This is a continuous project from Happies, jewellery from my happy moment. In contrary to my previous project, I have studied about a universal sound that gives people happiness, the sound of nature. However it is hard to hear these sounds in our busy cities, therefore I studied techniques to mimic these sounds of nature, to help promote happiness of the wearer. By fidgeting the jewelleries, the nature sound is produced. Studying ways to mimic the happiness inducing effect of sound of nature and incorporating them into Jewellery gives birth to the ‘Happies Nature Collection’.