Stamp Sangsuk-iam

Stamp Sangsuk-iam

︎︎︎ Personal Brooch

A side project which playing around with an idea of jewellery being a showing off decorative object to the body. What if we want to wear a jewellery piece just for ourself. 

Personal Brooch is jewellery that plays with the perspective of the viewer. The wearer would look down at their brooch from the top while other people would look at the brooch from the front. The zigzag technic used in this piece allows the wearer to see a different image from other people, an image only the wearer sees.

I feel like sometimes we just want to wear jewellery for ourselves rather than a statement piece that gives us character or sparks up a conversation.

In this prototype piece, I make the front a minimal oval making it looks like a normal simple brooch. But from the wearer point of view, I can see the picture of my dog which is what keeps me going throughout the day.

This piece aims to be custom-made. The picture hiding in the brooch can be changed depends on the person so the brooch can be meaningful for each individual and really is a Personal Brooch.